e-Vignette Hungary

In 3 Steps your e-Vignette is ready!

Although the e-Vignette is linked to the number plate, there will be no comprehensive number plate checks. Just like the traditional toll sticker for windshields, there will only performs randomly checks of the e-Vignette. There will only be up to twenty automatic toll sticker control cameras on more than 2,200 kilometres of motorways and expressways. These cameras are mobile and change location regularly.

The control systems only store the data of vehicles without a valid traditional toll sticker or e-Vignette. These data are exclusively used as evidence for toll-related offences and to handle the toll fine claims. No other data are stored or are accessible in any way.

You can use the publicly accessible register referred to as the vignette register to check whether the car or motorbike has a valid e-vignette.

You only provide us your license plate number of your vehicle, country of registration and your e-mail address.

As with the normally adhesive toll sticker, there are ten-day, one-month, and annual vignettes available

When your order is successfully completed you will receive the confirmation on the e-mail you have provided within few hours.

When you have successfully completed payment if not possible to cancel. Only exempt is if the e-Vignette have not been issued.

You can reach out to us by sending e-mail to: order@vignette-hu.com

You can make payment through Paypal. If you prefer to pay with credit card, you can do so by making the payment though Paypal.